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Independent Education Evaluation (IEE)

Support Your Child's Needs at School

When your child's behavior impedes their ability to access the school's curriculum, they may require a behavior support plan (BSP) to decrease disruptive behaviors. A BSP can only be created after a Functional Behavior Assessment is completed by a qualified individual. FBA's are an important type of evaluation that helps educators understand why a behavior is happening. Understanding the purpose underlying the targeted behavior is the first step in determining how to teach the student more desirable and appropriate replacement behaviors.

Under the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA), your child has the right to a private evaluation. You may request an IEE for various reasons such as if you disagree with the school's evaluation or the school determines the student doesn't require an evaluation.

Currently, I provide FBAs as an IEE for DeKalb County Schools. The results of the FBA can be utilized to ensure the school is providing free appropriate public education (FAPE). If you feel that an FBA is needed by a private consultant for your child, get in touch to see how Robinson Behavior Analytic Services can be a part of your child's team. 

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